After the attack on Possenhof, the party linked up with Njarl and Himo in an effort to intercept a meeting of the mysterious Acolytes in the environs of Bernau. It was thanks to Leif in being able to read the vital letter. The journey north to Durbheim was not witout incident. Both Gotrek and Leif began to hear voices, while Galen and Snorri wandered off in the dark. The supernatural flames that appeared did not unduly worry the party at first until a hellish demon appeared. At this time Njarl and Andreloth were sure they could see a silhoutte in the woods, just as a fearsome minotaur launched itself at the party, followed by a second to attack Snorri. In the midst of this attack the nerve of some of the party failed them, Leif tried to run but was promptly run down by the demon and dealt a devastating blow. Galen, Andreloth and Gotrek tried to make good their escape.

Njarl and Snorri began to make short work of one of the minotaurs before falling on the demon. Benito and Planchet dealing with the other. it was then that a group of Ungors emerged from the wood and fell on the party, one taken out by Himo with a bow. The recovering Leif did himself no favours with Andreloth whom he managed to hitwith an arrow while aiming at an Ungor, obviously the head hit still addled his brains.

The rest of the journey to Bernau was equally adventurous. After being passed by a number of Coaches, they decided to track them, only for Himo to get them lost. Luckily enough from the hilltop he took thm to, they could see the track in the distance and promptly changed direction.. At this point they came across their adversaries. Himo and Galen sneaked up to get a better view, and quite a collection of individuals they saw. Himo recognised the Lady Islen and the hulking Kurg, but what were they doing conversing with Beastmen, who were the other two gentlemen. While Himo returned to the party with the news, the young Galen decided to creep forward to take a closer look, this was his undoing as he was promptly captured. We leave him in the hands of Kurg, whom has already broken his jaw as he refuses the questions of the Lady Islena.