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The Acolytes

Posted by hans lehman on Friday, March 4, 2011,
While resting in the Rose and Crown the young Galen overheard a conversation between to merchants about the disapearance of Galeton! and the need to bring forward the meeting to tonight. Quickly relaying the news to the others he decided to follow one of the members to a large house in the merchant district of the town. After spending most of the day casing the place the party decided to force an entrance. Benito and Planchet were to try the front door while the others led by Gotrek decided t...
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Snorri's lament

Posted by hans lehman on Friday, March 4, 2011,

After realising that Galen was missing the party decided to go in search of the unfortunate youngster. However much to their relief Reinhardt and some of his men arrived and made the task that much easier, easily overcoming the remain guards, though Snorri was somewhat lucky with the Acolyte Galeton Aastveld, who turned out to be pretty handy with his spells before being dispatched.

With the advice of Reinhardt ringing in their ears the party commandeered one of the coaches and decided to ma...

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