After finally returning to Mecklenburg, the party settled down to their new duties of guarding the quay and the store sheds. holding the vital supplies for the garrison. Then with the first rays of the new dawn, Alaya heard scratching on the roof of their dwelling, quickly alerting the others as they made their way outside. It was then that Skaven launched themselves at the party. With more of their dark kin spilling from the sewers a brutal fight enued. Already one of the shed was alight, with Benito and then Salgado assisting in trying to remove the valuable stores. After the initial ferocity of the Skaven of withstood, the party went about their bloody work, Njarl, Kyaan, Gotrek and Barradun, 4 indomitable dwarves cut bloody swathes through the ratmen. It was then that Andreloth picked out the sounds of further fighting within the town. it seemed that the Orc Warlord Ugezod had launched his first assault against the town defences, which managed to hold after a bitter defence. Was the coordination with the Skaven pre planned!!!!

With new orders the party made their way to the Northern edge of the town defences only to discover they had already been breached. As orcs and goblins spilled into the town, the few remaining defenders were overwelmed in the onslaught. Gotrek headed to the main gates where he came face to face with a giant troll and the orc warlord Ushtug ably supported buy hordes of goblinoids. Using all his skill the doughty dwarf held of his opponents, cut off from friends.

Njarl,making towards the north gate charged into the orcs as soon as he saw them. His axe making bloody work. Quickly supported  by Kyan and Barradun, the line began to hold. Elsewhere in the town. Arnuad and his retinue were making a fighting retreat to the quay, leaving atrail of death after them. Though even their skill at arms could not prevent the goblins reducing their number until only Arnaud and one companion remained.

At the Quayside, Benito, Salgado and Golin watched as a boat of armed warriors docked. Were they friend or foe? On sighting Benito they gave out a cry and charged towards him. What trickery was this, yet more enemies! It wasthen the the giant of a man, Kurg joined the fray, forcing Benito back. Meanwhile, Himo, Andreloth and Alaya were fighting their way back through the town. It seemed that each street was filled with enemies. Himo's skill with the bow seemd to desert him and he resorted to the close quarter work normally left to his companion Njarl.

Then as things were looking bad, they got worse. Ugezod entered the fray making for Barradun, backing him against a wall. Kyaan, fighting with great skill was eventually felled with a terrible blow. An orc with a vicious looking glaive cloved into his arm severing an artery leaving the dwarf near death. Gotrek despite his skill began to tire. Ushtug then delivered a ammer blow to his shoulder knocking him from his feet and into unconciousness. Then with despair in their hearts, the sound of horns drifted across the battlefield, relief had come atlast. His Grace Ludvig von Wissenhiem had arrived. The orcs quickly fell back to meet this new threat.

Mecklenburg had seen a third of the town fired by the greenskins and the orc Warlord Ugezod and thebarbarian Kurg had managed to escape.......