Well that was an action packed episode, a daring rescue and desperate night battle against the undead, now where to start. The party followed the trail of the beastmen where they eventually uncovered their herd stone. Gotrek was also certain he heard human voices ordering the beastmen to dispatch Planchet ‘as he knew too much’. The party resolved to rescue their compatriot and quickly charged across the clearing. The beastmen quickly turned to meet their attackers, though the larger one kept guard over Planchet. The fight was a brutal murderous affair, Andreloth bleeding from a number of wounds gamely held off two of his opponents, Benito and Gotrek slowly cutting down their foes, while Snorri was making bloody carnage until the larger beastman decided to enter the fray. Going toe to toe with Snorri before eventually delivering a devastating blow to Snorri’s head, only the quick reactions of Andreloth saved his friends life by staunching the blood flow. It was left to Benito and Gotrek to finally despatch the last beastman. With the rescue of Planchet the party prepared a litter to carry Snorri away before more beastmen returned.

It was with lucky chance that the party made their way back to the mail coach to find the local militia under Captain Halmstedt re-hitching the coach. Accompanied by the militia the party made the safe journey to Posenhof to rest their wounds. The following day brought with it good fortune as they met Reinhardt on the road and made the exchange before he advised them to turn back north.

It was that night that the nightmarish attack began on Posenhof, the parties slumber disturbed by screams in the night. The village was under attack from the undead. The thought of more combat seemed to un-man Snorri, fresh from his hideous wounds, taking him some time before he could join the fray. Andreloth quickly made his way to the house of Becki’s uncle’s house, only to find an undead warrior to appear in the doorway, fresh from its grisly work. Benito and Planchet quickly engaged fresh numbers of undead as they tried to enter the village, Benito swearing to his colleagues after the fight that he had seen a mysterious lady directing the attack. Gotrek meanwhile with the support of Captain Hamstedt and the militia made a stout defence of the centre of the village, saving many lives of the populace. Then quickly as the fight began, it ended and the night fell quiet.