After fighting off the Griffon, the party settle down to a night of rest and relaxation. Gotrek and Benito agreeing to take watch as they were the healthiest of the party. Following a discussion in the morning they both realised that they had received the same visitation during the night. Both describing the same muscular old man who gave them a warning "the life stone has been unleashed".

After breakfast the party decided to push on, the quicker they got to Aldium the better. It wasn't long before the faint sounds of laughter began to disturb the party. First Benito then Smeagol seemed to wander off into the hillside. Eventually it was Duggan that first discovered a line of pink appearing in the air in front of them. As the line began to widen, Benito began to gain faint recollections....hadn't this happened before. Before the smarty could react 3 daemonettes leaped through the breach to attack them. After a brief struggle the party overcame their adversaries when Lupus cast an enchantment before collapsing to the ground. Benito and Gotrek then discovered the 8 pointed start drawn on the grass, this wasn't looking good. Then the laughter started again. The party spread out looking for the source. It was Legolas who first discovered the source, pointing him out to Benito who promptly charged in, bowling the madman over with his shield before running him through. At least they new who had drawn the first symbol, as he had started to construct another. The emblem of Slaanesh hung from his neck. It was then that the party uncovered that Lupus was dead, from an apparent heart attack.The party quickly made tracks to vacate the area and find a suitable campsite to lick their wounds.

It was during the watch of Smeagol that their enemy stuck again, a fearsome hound of chaos leaped from the shadows pinning Smeagol to the floor. His scream in agony quickly alerted the rest of the party. Rushing to his aid they failed to spot the other two hounds who leaped upon them and battle was joined. Fearing for his life, Smeagol was mightily relieved when Gotrek came to his aid as a number of Ungor also emerged from the shadows. With bothhis shield and sword smashed from his hands he was at their mercy before Gotrek's timely intervention.