With the Battle of Mecklenburg over the party quickly found themselves as the number one suspects for some internal treachery. Heeding some friendly advice they quickly took boat out of the town, picking up a couple of Elves into the bargain. Poor Legolas and Smeagol were not too sure what was happening to them, but when a bunch of well armed thugs say get in the boat who wouldn't. On reaching Durbheim they were instructed by Gwen to make their way south to Aldium, there were some strange reports coming out of the area that needed investigating.

As instructed they made their way south where they ran into a bunch of brigands, obviously seeking to take advantage of the local turmoil. Unfortunately the party were in no mood to hand over their well earned cash. Kyaan and Barradun led the assault ably supported by Gotrek and Andreloth. Even Legolas got in the act dispatching his first assailant. That night taking his first watch, that first kill must have been on his mind. Legolas was repeatedly spooked by sounds and even thought a tree was moving. It was just the wind am angry Gotrek explained before returning to his bedroll.

That next night once again Legolas began to hear things. luckily for him so did the others. It was Andreloth who discovered the crawling villager. His terrible wounds eventually proved fateful, but not before he uttered the words "they came for us in the night....". While Kyaan buried the poor unfortunate, Andreloths keen sight picked out a number of individuals on the horizon watching the party. Deciding that since everyone was awake, they would head up the trail to investigate. However it wasn't long before Gotrek began to suufer the effects of 2 nights without sleep and he began to fall behind. Just as he shouted for a rest, 2 creatures sprang out from the dark to tear at him. As the others quickly rushed to his aid, only Kyaan and Barradun spotted more assailants and managed to defend themselves. The others were not so lucky. A desperate struggle in the dark ensued with the Ghouls tearing into the party. However their skill of arms began to assert itslef as the ghouls were slowly dispatched. After checking over the bodies, it wasSmeagol who noticed that his brother Legolas was missing.

Checking for tracks Barradun found drag marks away from the battle site. After following for a time he came across horse tracks. Someone or something had been waiting for them and their companion was in their hands. Deciding that time was of the essence, they set off in pursuit. After some time tracking they eventually had to rest and settle down for a quick meal. Then with barradun leading them on they came to an area where the track widened only to fine it blocked by an Undead warrior and his servants. This prooved too much for Gotrek and Alaya who panicked at the sight.