Galadriel had spent most of her day meandering through the woods before deciding to make for her cottage. Her journey home was to proove eventful. An unnatural quiet settled over the wood, Galadriel took her guard as a goblin wolf rider burst from the undergrowth. With one sweep of her axe she clove the goblin in two. The wolf though took a chunk of flesh from her left leg. As the wolf circled Galadriel tighted her grip on her axe, when the wolf leapt she was ready, dealing it a deadly blow. What surprised her more was that a single goblin would be brave enough to attack an Elf!!!! Just then a second wolfrider leapt to the attack. Spining on her heal she swung her axe, cleaving it into the skull of the goblin. The wolf bit and missed before Galadriel change the direction of her swing and felled the beast.

With the battle over the Elfling scan around, noticing smoke drifting over the tree tops, fire, her cottage must be ablaxe. Quickly she gathered up her belongings and raced for home.