After celebrating with the rewards from the rescue of the young Manfred in the Red Griffon the party were attacked in the street on the way to lodgings at the Crown. Initially the young Galen was sure he had spotted something on the rooftops and decided to climb up and investigate. He promptly fell from the rooftop much to the mirth of his colleagues. This quickly turned to outrage as first Andreloth was attacked from a Ratmen leaping from the rooftop. After a swift fight the party further enhanced their renown, even the newcomer Leif proving himself handy in a fight.

The morning brought fresh employment as Gwen entrusted them with an assignment to deliver some messages to Reinhard. The journey south initially went smoothly until they came across the wreck of that days mail coach, the remains of 3 employees lay strewn across the ground. Gotrek even discovered a track with fresh blood leaving the grisley scene. First Andreloth, then Benito heard the sounds of hunting horns slowly moving towards the party. They quickly made the decision to follow the trail in the hope of finding any survivors. Once again the horns sounded, this time closer and from more than one direction. It was the young Galen who sensed that things weren't right, feeling the eyes of watchers upon the party. Sensing movement, Snorriand Andreloth moved towards  the undergrowth when the first of their enemies leapt to the attack, knocking Snorri from his feet. Andreloth then managed to avoid the snarling bites from a viscious looking hound. With the party distracted a third hound attacked, bowling over Leif and pinning him to the ground. The young Norscan prooved his worth fending off the beast until with Benito's assistance it was dispatched. Andreloth and Snorri, then both managed to dispatch their foes.

It was at this time to the horror of Sancho that a Minotaur launched itself into the fray, taking a mighty swing at Galen, dislocating his shoulder. Next it was the turn of Snorri to feel the weight of its mighty blade as it knocked him unconscious. Next 3 small beastmen emerged from the woods to be met by Leif and Andreloth while Benito and Gotrek slugged it out with the Minotaur, it eventually falling to a wicked blow from Gotrek. It took a while after the fight for the party to realise that Sancho was missing. Benito cursed the air profusely at his absent servant. His trail leading away to the east was picked up by Gotrek and the party followed.

It wasn't good as the tracks of Sancho crossed those of yet more Beastmen, who were making no effort to conceal their tracks, confident in the safety of their numbers. The party set off in pursuit. Eventually their path came across a woodcutters cottage, upon further investigation revealing his corpse. It was Snorri who discover little Becki hiding in the woods, obviously distressed at the gruff dwarfs demeanor, taking the skill of Andreloth to retrieve the youngster. How the party will cope with a six year old deep in the woods.