As the party once more made their way towards Aldium it was Legolas that first heard the pitiful cry from a dying dwarf at the side of the road. As Andreloth and Benito approached they realised he was muttering in Khazad and summoned Gotrek to interpret. With the dying dwarf muttering 'they must save them, save them......they've gone to them mines' before the last of his life blood drained away. Picking up the trail of the deceased's tormentors, the party steadily made their way along a mountain track led by Duggan.

After some time they emerged into a clearing, Duggan spotted what looked like a sarcophagus that he approached wearily. The Elven trio of Andreloth, Smeagol and Legolas though got caught up in a moment as the Necromancer Jeremiah Ezkabiel appeared shouting out 'your to it's time to die', he then threw something to the ground before disappearing into the hills. From out the ground skeletons arose and began to engage the party. Duggan meanwhile was still examining the sarcophagus before removing the lid to reveal a Undead champion which immediately struck out at him. With the fight in full swing the party were being hard pressed. The more blows the undead champion scored the stronger he was becoming, while Duggan feeling the main effects felt his strength draining with each blow.

Just then a werewolf leaped into the fray laying into skeletons with joyful abandon. With the fight now in their favour the combined might of of Benito and Gotrek eventually felled the Champion. The werewolf though collapsed to the floor and began to revert back to its human form. To the shocked looks of the party it revealed the figure of Lupine Wose. 'didn't we bury him!' said Duggan. When he came around Lupine didn't seem to remember anything. After spending the night recovering from their wounds they pushed on to reach the mine.

When they finally reached their destination they found some temporary defences, with three dwarves in attendance. Before real introductions could be exchanged the forces of undeath had arrived. Once more the Necromancer Jeremiah Ezkabiel promised the party death beofre unleashing his horde of skeletons and ghouls at the party. As the enemy advanced the party resorted to missile fire to try and thin out the ranks with some moderate success. Then Duggan decided to leap the barricade and charged into the ghouls. Next the Elven brothers decided to follow into the main body of skeletons. As the battle ensued, once again Lupus to the form of a werewolf and charged into the fray. Benito and Gotrek leaped to the attack laying waste to their enemies. With Andreloth and the dwarf miners providing missile support, Benito had one thing on his mind, to kill the Necromancer. Using his shield to batter his way through he tried to reach his quarry, but found the way blocked by an undead champion. Quickly Gotrek reached his side allowing the Tilian to chase after his quarry only to find himself surrounded.

Smeagol and Legolas, eventually realising the difficulties they were in climbed back across the barricades only to meet the onrushing ghouls who had flanked the defences. With Andreloth in support they met the enemy with cold steel. With things looking bleak, Benito broke free and struck a devastating, felling the Necromancer. With their controlloing magic removed the skeletons fell to pieces. The battle was won.