After spending the night in the ruins to recover their wounds, Benito did a little searching in the buildings where he found 2 captives, Duggan and Lupus Wose, both had been part of a caravan that was attacked. The injured Lupus kept muttering that he had to reach Aldium, lucky for him that was where the party were heading. The following morning Lupus proved his worth healing the badly injured Andreloth before the party set out back down the path to get back onto the merchant road.

It was about midday when the came upon 2 wagons, their draft animals recently butchered. Gotrek, Barradun and Benito went to investigate as the others stood watch. Eventually the wagons revealed their disturbing cargo. The unmarked remains of a number of women. After further examination, no wounds were discovered but the blood was drained from their bodies. Barradun quickly made the decision to pull the wagons together and light a funeral pyre for the victims. The party moved on to make came a suitable distance away.

It was during the watch of Legolas that small stones were disturbed further up the slopes of the path. Instead of investigating the elf went to wake his younger brother before moving on to the tent of Gotrek. Suddenly from out of nowhere a blow struck him across the back of the head knocking him senseless. Eventually roused from their sleep, Smeagol and Gotrek raised the alarm. A quick search of the are revealed the freshly deceased corpse of a goblin, the back of its head had been ripped off. Who had done it?

The next day as they headed further up the pass into the mountains, Andreloth spotted a cave off to the left, the party chose to examine it a bit more closely. As Benito peered into the depths the others made ready, Duggan asked if he could see anything. Benitos reply was "yes and it's big ". It definatly was as a troll burst out of the cave and literally ran over the top Benito, charging him into the ground. Panic gripped the party as Duggan, Alaya and Lupus quickly turned tal and fled. Andreloth, Barradun and Smeagol froze while Gotrek jumped out of the way. Luckily for them the troll seemed to forget what it was doing and wandered aimlessly  around scratching its head. It was very unfortunate for Gotrek that the troll literally walked into him and delivered a powerful blow, knocking him from his feet. The party quickly made their escape, not before Andreloth managed to plunder the cave and came away with an axe, sword and shield of good quality.

The next night as they settled down, they were assailed by a small party of goblins, during a quick and brutal fight the unfortunate Alaya got herself isolated and twice it seemed that the fate of the Gods were with her as two blows which should have proved fateful were turned on her armour. It was during the fight that Benito noticed that one of the Goblins was attacked by a dark shadow from behind. After the fight and going to investigate they came across the remains of 2 goblins with their throats ripped out. Now who did this?

The following morning they pushed on until they came to a small farmhouse. Andreloth and Legolas went to investigate while the rest of the party took the opportunity to rest. It was the unfortunate Gotrek who climbed up the slope of the pass straight into the claws of a descending Griffon. The Griffon then swooped onto the party landing squarely on Legolas and savaged him badly. It took a crushing blow from Lupus to free his companion and force the griffon to look for easier prey.