Njarl and Himo have once again found themselves in the employ of Jakub. This time they have been tasked with discovering the source of weapon trafficking across the mountains and into the Border Princes. Setting off with Golin, Salgado and Leif in support the party made their way south to Posenhausen by boat. There they picked up the trail of some recently departed wagons into the mountains. With Himo leading the way they eventually came across some unusual markings in the road. Extra booted tracks as well as the wagons seeming to be heavier.

Just as their investigations were underway, up ahead on the road a dark robed individual stepped out and screamed at the party "the rest of the dead must not be disturbed". Then skeletons emerged from the ground and began to assail the party. During the brief struggle the skills of the party were evident as the skeletons were dispatched with ease. However the robed individual had disappeared. It was then that Njarl spotted a side track which led to a large carved stone block. They recognised those markings.....Not again they thought.