Poor Darko, it seems this poor unfortunate wretch has been duped by a being far higher than him. His garbled message to the party seemed to confuse them. But still it was a job well done.


After a few days rest in Bernau the party met up with the Dwarf Barradun who had been sent by Gwen to facilitate their return to Durbhiem as their skills were required. The journey back however was to prove quite eventful. It seemed that the new Beastman warlord Bragak was not finished with them and sprang an ambush. To the credit of the party they steadily recovered from the initial shock, though why Andreloth attempted to do a back-flip off the top of the coach to land at the feet of the approaching beastmen will remain a mystery (possibly too much alcohol from the night before). Leif defended himself admirably before being saved by Barradun after his shoulder had been dislocated from a powerful blow. A combination of Gotrek, Benito and Planchet eventually managed to overpower Bragak, with Gotrek delivering the last fateful blow.


Once back in Durbhiem Gwen informed the party that they were required in the morning to travel down river to Mecklenburg, which had been suffering a number of attacks from green skins. During the night however their sleep was disturbed with noise from the alleyway, quickly readying themselves they raced out to assist 3 men suffering an attack from those vile skaven. The intervention of the party quickly changed the flow of the battle and the skaven made a hasty retreat. It was then that Arnaud thanked the party for their assistance and he too was making for Mecklenburg in the morning. It seems that Jakub and Gwen are recruiting some well armed individuals for its defence.