Well, that was quite an eventful few days for the party. After their meeting with Gwen the party were set upon by a band of ruffians in the alley behind the Red Griffon. Poor Andreloth nearly had his head taken off by a crossbow bolt before the party overpowered their aggressors. Not sure why these ruffians singled out a well armed party, interesting.

Their initial meeting with Philippe Bardotte outlined the severity of their mission to rescue the young Manfred for Boris and his cronies. After a couple of days casing the kidnapper’s lair the party resolved to make their rescue attempt. As things went it was obvious the kidnappers were expecting them, possibly as a result of the over eager young Galen being spotted acting suspiciously by hulking Heinrich. First Galen and Sancho made a rooftop entry through the skyline, Gotrek and Snorri covered the rear door while Benito and Andreloth decided to enter by the ground floor window, literally headfirst. The graceless Sancho seemed to fall through the skyline quickly followed by the more nimble Galen. For Benito, on landing through the window found himself engaged with 3 of the ruffians, not sure who was more surprised him or them after Andreloth crashed into him as he came through the window. Alerted by the commotion from inside, Snorri and Gotrek charged into the back door, literally for Snorri. The fighting was both quick and brutal, the ruffians quickly overcome. However nobody had secured the cellar entrance in time, realising their mistake the quickly retreated from the building. However poor Snorri ran straight into a powerful blow from Heinrich, nearly cutting him in two. The hulking Heinrich seemed to be holding the party at bay with little effort before being called off by Boris. The standoff was quickly resolved by Andreloth negotiating an exchange between Manfred and Benito. Things turned out okay despite Benito receiving quite a bump on the head when Boris left him. No doubt the Count Wilhelm von Wissenhiem will be pleased at the safe return of his nephew.