A brisk morning greeted the party as they prepared to board the barge that was to take them to Mecklenberg. They were joined by the young Estalian archer Salgado for the journey. Being the last barge to leave the party settled down for a peaceful journey, unaware that there progress was being tracked.

It was with alarm that Kyaan was hit in the head with an arrow, before more shots were fired from the western back. With most of the party taking cover and scanning the shoreline it was then that arrows arrived from the eastern shore, one taking Leif in the back. Concentrating on supressing fire the party began to fire into the general vicinty of their assailants. It was the keen eye and lethal shot of Salgado that he brought down not one but two of their assailants. It then was with dismay at the cry of the barge master as an arrow took him in the throat and he fell overboard. Taking hold of one end of a rope and passing the other end to Andreloth, Kyaan leapt over the side to try and rescue him, not quite realising he was already dead and just how do you swim in full chainmail. It was only the quick thinking of Benito and Planchet helping Andreloth pull him back on board. Eventually the last two goblins were brought down by Gotrek and Barradun and peace returned to the journey.

With Andreloth now at the helm they continued their journey, becoming slightly disconcerted at the thickening fog rolling in. With Salgado and Barradun on first watch the night was disturbed with the sound of what seemed a paddle in the water. As Salgado continued to peer into the gloom, Barradun began to wake each member of the party. It was then that two thuds against the barge revealed an orc and goblin barding party. As quick as the party were to react, two more small boats hit the front with yet more orces and goblins trying to board. With fierce fighting raging across the deck, Barradun leapt into one of the small boats, sending goblins tumbling down with him. Ably supported by Benito and Planchet they dispatched the loathsome greenskins. Elsewhere on board, Gotrek and Kyann fought side by side protect Leif who had been heavily wounded by a rather large and fearsome orc. Eventually Kyaan brought down the leader and this seemed to leech courage from their assailants who quickly fled back to their boats and saftey. Benito and Barradun decided to give chase in the boat they were occupying, but soon lost their opponents on the shoreline, obviously delayed by having to haul Kyaan out of the water once again.