After realising that Galen was missing the party decided to go in search of the unfortunate youngster. However much to their relief Reinhardt and some of his men arrived and made the task that much easier, easily overcoming the remain guards, though Snorri was somewhat lucky with the Acolyte Galeton Aastveld, who turned out to be pretty handy with his spells before being dispatched.

With the advice of Reinhardt ringing in their ears the party commandeered one of the coaches and decided to make their way on to Bernau. After a restful night Benito notice that Andreloth seemed no himself and the partyhad difficulty waking him, though Andreloth professed to nothing of the matter…now what was that item he took from the body of Galeton.
Journeying in comfort the party came across a rather quiet coaching inn and decided to rest up with a hot meal. However the young Galen seemed on edge, suspecting that something was wrong. Boy was he right, the Beastman warlord Khorgos had tracked the party down and was out to destroy all evidence of their existence. As the party members left the inn to face their opponents it became touch and go on the outcome. Young Galen was trapped against the coach by two ungors, while Planchet struggled to hold off another pair of the brutes. The other slowly managed to deal with the Ungors before Khorgos and his lieutenant Bragak joined the fray.  Bragak proved himself a formidable opponent wielding the halberd with easy before cutting the hand of Snorri, leaving th13 was overpowered with a devastating blow to the back that seemed to leave the servant dead. It was to Gotrek and Andreloth that managed to eventually take down the mighty Khorgos, whose death it seemed broke the spirit of Bragak and the remainder of the warherd. It was then that the party realised that Snorri had breathed his last, giving up his life for his comrades.
The following night in Bernau was restful to the party, allowing the much healing of wounds. It was also when they met up with the young Kyaan, whom Gotrek new from Karak Varn. The doughty Dwarf proving to be a welcome addition to the party.