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Blood on the Streets

Posted by hans lehman on Friday, April 29, 2011,
After finally returning to Mecklenburg, the party settled down to their new duties of guarding the quay and the store sheds. holding the vital supplies for the garrison. Then with the first rays of the new dawn, Alaya heard scratching on the roof of their dwelling, quickly alerting the others as they made their way outside. It was then that Skaven launched themselves at the party. With more of their dark kin spilling from the sewers a brutal fight enued. Already one of the shed was alight, wi...
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Whats that coming over the hill?

Posted by hans lehman on Friday, April 22, 2011,
As Njarl, Himo and Golin fled for their lives, hotly pursued by a horde of gobliniods, they luckily stumbled upon the rest of the party at Brawners farm. Supported by missile fire from Gotrek, Andreloth and Galen they made it safely to the farm before turning upon their pursuers. This was to proove initially too much for the hapless goblins. From chasing 3 running fools to facing a well armed bunch of mercenaries began to test their mettle. After taking heavy casualties they began to fall bac...
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