Well after a few days well earned rest at the Red Griffon, it would seem that once again  these 2 are working for the Wissenheim family. Jakub has recruited them to try and uncover who would murder the young Jasper. Unknown to Jakub it was these two who uncovered Jaspers' body but fled when the militia arrived.

On further investigation at the crime scene Himo uncovered a throwing disk, much like the one used the previous night to knock him out. Strange dreams he had of ratmen in the city, a somewhat over exagerated imagination. Retracing there steps they discovered an entrance to the sewers with blood covered footprints leading to it. Our intrepid pair quickly entered and began a search. Himo then walked iito what he believes to be a ratmen that shot him in the leg before his accomplaces swarmed to the attack. After some bloody close quarter combat the ratmen were dispatched.

Moving further into the sewers they uncovered what looks to have been some sort of nest or guard room, some grisley remains were enough to turn the stomach. It was then that the mass chittering of a horde of ratmen advanced down the tunnel. After dispatching a few more ratmen Njarl and Himo bid a rapid retreat. They need to get out of these sewers and alert the authorities that the towns sewers are infested with vile SKAVEN!