With their passage blocked the party launched an assault against their undead foe. Both Andreloth and Barradun quickly brought low a number of their foes. Meanwhile Alaya and Benito found themselves rather unnerved by their opponents and hung back from the fray. It was Kyaan himself who took on the Champion of Undeath and quickly wished he hadn't as foe dealt him a punishing blow dislocating his right shoulder with its murderous mace. Its work done the champion retreated leaving the work to its minions. Without a guiding influence the party quickly dispatched them. Now a discussion was had on the fate of Kyaan. Already pained by the not so tender ministrations of Barradun to reset his shoulder. The party decided to rest up to lick their wounds before continuing.

That next morning they pushed on up the path, eventually coming to a ruined building. All seemed quiet, too quiet. It was first Smeagol, followed by Barradun and Benito that felt compelled to move away from the party towards a green light. Andreloth, oblivious to his companions advance on towards the building only to spring an attack by more ghouls. With most of the party swinging into action a murderous fight ensued. Just as the party were gaining an upper hand, skeletons rose from the ground again and again to join the assault, summoned by a shadowy figure within the ruins.

With the support of skeleton the undead champion once more entered the fray. First delivering a series of blows which smashed Alaya into the ground. Her body flung against the rock. The Gods know how she managed to survive. Then he advance once more on Kyaan to renew old acquaintances. His second blow smashing the hammer from Kyaan's hand. Barradun and Benito and Gotrek began their deadly work, cutting a swathe through their opponents, though they were too late to save Kyaan. The champion once more turned his deadly mace upon him, smashing a deadly blow into his shoulder, severing arteries to leave him pumping his lifeblood into the earth.

It was Barradun who noticed that Smeagol was in deep trouble, literally up to his neck in it. It took all his efforts to drag him free. It was then he noticed the apparition that was beckoning him on to the quicksand and quicky backed out of its line of sight.

Meanwhile the almost forgotten Legolas managed to free himself from his bonds and over power his skeletal guard before assaulting the shadowy figure. Andreloth eventually fought his way through into the building despite suffering a heavy blow to the shin which cracked the bone. Between them they brought down their foe.