Now that was a disturbing occurance. with the leader of the acolytes lying dead at their feet, the party witness a breach into the realm of Chaos. For out strode a hideous monstrosity to retrieve the lifestone from the numbed hands of Benito. Why did the beast not slay the party? a mystery for another day.

After making their mistake the party searched the house for any clues to where the meeting was to be taking place. It was the quick thinking Galen who retrieved the papers. After a translation by the local Priest to Sigmar, the party made their was into the hills to Malaky Cross. It was not long before the approach of 2 coaches disturbed the silence. It was Andreloth who sprung the trap, shooting one of the horses before all hell broke loose. It was then that one of the mysterious occupants of the coach revealed himself, summoning number of skeletons to serve him. After making bloody work of the guards it fell to Benito to face a horror of undeath, a Liche. Twice it dealt what could have been fatefull blows, knocking him from his feet. Even Kyaan tried his luck, picking up Benito's sword before he found the fingers of his rigth hand smashed by a wicked blow. Eventually Benito rose to his feet and dealt a fatefull blow to the Liche. After all the commotion, it was Alaya and Gotrek who realised that one of their foe was still alive.