As Njarl, Himo and Golin fled for their lives, hotly pursued by a horde of gobliniods, they luckily stumbled upon the rest of the party at Brawners farm. Supported by missile fire from Gotrek, Andreloth and Galen they made it safely to the farm before turning upon their pursuers. This was to proove initially too much for the hapless goblins. From chasing 3 running fools to facing a well armed bunch of mercenaries began to test their mettle. After taking heavy casualties they began to fall back to the hills and the support of their larger orcish cousins. Now a bloody melee began to erupt as yet another bunch of goblins arrived from the south and they had brought a troll with them.

With Njarl and Gotrek making bloody work amongst the goblins, Kyaan got himself cutoff and surrounded. Despite his armour he was slowly dying a death of a thousand cuts and it seemed it was only the intervention of Grungi that a blow felled him to unconciousness and not death. The troll meanwhile was goaded forward and Planchet took the brunt of its assault. With Benito looking on in horror, unable to come to his companions aid as the troll smashed him into the ground. Only the timely arrival of Njarl to bring the troll down saved his life. Galen then found himself cut off from support as a number of greenskins cornered him in the farm eventually felling him, though luckily they were unable to finish him off as at this point the heart went out of the greenskins, one of their champions and the troll were down as well as a host of their warriors. and they made a speedy retreat.

After spending the night recovering from their ordeal, it was decided that Planchet was too badly hurt and Leif, Salgado and Barradun would take him back to Mecklenburg while the others would look to Himo to track the retreating greenskins. Quickly picking up the trail, Himo led the party back into the hills. It wasn't long before they came across a grisley scene. The remnants of a patrol butchered by gobliniods. Then Benito picked out smoke in the distance had they atlast found the Greenskin camp?

Himo and Galen were tasked with scouting out the area. Stealthily moving forward Himo came across a goblin guard, his first attempt to dispatch him did not go quite according to plan, Galen moved into support as finally Himo finished the Goblin off. It was then that an orc realised that the sentry was missing. Himo retreated, keeping to cover, but the plan was undone as Galen leapt across the rocks to reveal himself to the entire orc camp. With cries of alarm the hunt was on. Himo then dispatch an orc with an excellent shot giving Galen valuable time to make his get away. The whole party then decided discretion was the better part of valour and retreated towards Mecklenburg in haste.

Now was that the sound of pursuit....?