The Conclave of Shadows

August 12, 2012
An organisation of unknown origin, rumoured to operate throughout the Old world and employing people from all walks of life, often without their knowledge. They are said to walk the Grey line between black and white or good and Evil.They will do what needs to be done by what ever methods are required. They seek out artefacts of power and hide them in the 'shadows', best that they don't get into the wrong hands.

Suspected agents include Gwen Idriana, Njarl Icehammer and Himo Moonwhisper.

Local Villagers living in fear

November 6, 2011
Rumours abound of dark tidings in the Black Mountains. A number of villages have been attacked during the night. They seem to be targeting the young, whose bodies are never found. The villages have become distrustful of all strangers. They claim that the dead walk the night.

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Weapon Running

October 28, 2011
Rumours are rife that weapons are being traded to those pesky Greenskins. WHo is behind this no one is sure but it has come to the attention of Jakub Albrechtson who has tasked a group of skilled individuals to find the source and remove it.

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January 29, 2011
What more misery can befall the Wissenheim family. It now seems that the young Manfred, nephew of the Duke has gone missing. it seems that the Duke may not be able to meet the kidnappers demands and is on the look out for some hired swords to retrieve his nephew
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January 29, 2011
Murder most foul. The young Jasper Wissenheim was found mudered last night at the rear of the Red Griffon Tavern. The local milita managed to disturb 2 individuals as they were searching the body. Who would kill such a well connected young man?
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Information Wanted

January 4, 2011

This is a description of an alleged undead! warrior discovered in a crypt by Himo Moonwhisper and Njarl Icehammer. So far all attempts to obtain information have borne fruitless, records for the Crypt seem to have been milaid.
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Beastmen raiding on the Wilden Road

December 27, 2010
There have been further unsubstantiated reports of beastmen attacking travellers along the Wilden road between Durbhiem and Bernau. So far 2 mail coaches have managed to fend off their foes. Unfortuantly the farmstead of the Jorgeson family has not been so lucky, the farm burnt and no sign of the Jorgeson's who it is hoped met a swift death and not taken captive. Jakub Albrechtson on behalf of the Wissenhiem family has offered a bounty of a silver shilling for each beastman killed. No doubt t...
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