The Bad Guys hall of fame

The Skaven, rumoured to be active across this region - this has not yet been confirmed

Skrit Skuttlesnik - Deadly Clan Eshin Assasin. Linked to a number of suspicious deaths in Durbheim amongst members of the merchant class.

Snic Gnawtooth - Skaven Warlord, rumoured to be harbouring the Skrit

A mysterious Champion of Death, seen leading undead forces at the battle of Posenhof. As yet its identity remains unknown



Skyler and Globgat, 2 goblin chieftans who have answered Ugezods call.  Skylar has led his night goblins down from the mountains, while Globdat much prefers to ride into battle on top of a wolf


Ushtug, 2nd to Ugezod, but always first into the fray. Often leading raids at the head of the army, mercilessly driving his enemies before him.


Jeremiah Ezkabiel – AKA ‘The Jester’. This devious individual has once more made his presence known along the Black mountains. What he is looking for is unknown. Already his minions have been preying on small settlements and especially along the main trade route between Sudenland and Alduim.

slain by Benito in the Black mountains


Khorgos Bloodspiller - Beastman Warlord. Responsible for a number attacks along the Wilden road.

Slain by Gotrek. 

Brigands - operating in the vicinity of Durbheim. Under the command of Reinhard Coutts



Skeleton Warriors terrorising the Southern parts of Sudenland. The aggressors at the Battle of Posenhof



Bragak, the new leader of the beastmen warband. Has already claimed the life of Snorri.

Slain in combat by Gotrek & Benito


Ugezod Blackheart a mighlty Black orc chieftain has led his boys across the mountains, bullying a number of smaller goblin tribes along the way.


The Freebooterz, a company of black orcs following Ugezod over the mountains and into the empire. looking for some easy targets to pillage

Bragen Derban – Once a small time crook with numerous convictions in grave robbing. Last seen in Aldium and suspected to continue his nefarious work

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