Adventurers Guild

Njarl Icehammer - Dwarf Outlaw Chief

Njarl hails from Karak Varn and has found himself seeking employment within the Empire. Bound to be atleast one Nobleman looking for a hired thug


Benito Di Vialli - Tilean Freelance

4th son of the Di Vialli Tilean Barony, little was left for Benito after his elder brother's had carved up the estate upon his father's death and striking a name for himself with a sword was the best option he felt available

Gotrek Ironfoundson - Dwarf Mercenary

He's made his way into Sudenland looking for fame and fortune. Tired of the old routines back at Karak varn


Andreloth Tulor - Elf Outlaw

Working the barges on the river Soll, this Elf has become disillusion with life and seeks is fame and fortune wherever the fates take him.


Leif Erikson - Norscan Mercenary

A young warrior seeking to prove his worth, carving a legend for himself to take home.


Barradun - Dwarf Mercenary

Employed by Gwen to seek out the party. Already shown his worth in combat with Beastmen


Duggan Ironfist - Dwarf Mercenary 

Rescued from the clutches of the undead, this doughty warrior has thrown his lot in with the party.

Himo Moonwhisper - Elf Targeteer

Bored with a forest life, Himo has wandered the Old world, sustaining himself by bringing all manner of miscreants to justice.


Sancho Planchet - Servant

Indentured to the Di Vialli house he chose to follow the youngest son Benito when he left to find his fame. Life on the road and in adventure had to be better then the drudgery of the kitchens and the beatings from the cook. ..... Didn't it?


Alaya Took - Halfling entertainer

This young lady has found herself mixed up with the party. Is she out of her depth?


Salgado Pedros - Estalian outlaw

Life on the run hasn't been easy for Salgado, hopefully he can find peace within the Empire


Smaldarigos 'Smeagol' Debriel

Elven Alchemeist, suddenly embroiled in the parties business


Legolas Debriel

This Gambler is the elder brother of Smeagol and a bit of a chancer

Galadrial - Elven Woodswoman

Seeking revenger after Goblins destroyed her home.

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