People of Note in Sudenland

Jakub Albrectson


A hireling of the Wissenhiem family, sorting out all manner of 'contracts'. Jakub is a friendly and very persuasive sort.

Reinhardt Coults

Reinhardt is a former mercenary captain down on his luck, taking to banditry along the S√∂llweg. Reinhardt previously stole the Life stone for his former employer the infamous Lady Islena Darkovich. 


Olaf Trygsson and Crew

Norscan sailors aboard the Wave dancer. Not above a little piracy and have often come into conflict with the River patrols. 


Lupus Wose

Wandering Priest of Ulric with a bit of a dark side

Lady Islena Darkovich

A mysterious lady, known to dabble in some of the more darker arts.


Lady Islena's bodyguard, a monster of a man.  Slow to anger but almost unstoppable in combat.


Arnuad de Basteax

A questing Knight from Bretonnia, travelling with armed companions.


Gwen Idriana

Local Bawd in Durbheim. Always a useful source of information and work. Gwen is also rumoured to have links with Reinhardt Coults


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